Holy Habits

Holy Habits what and why!       


Holy Habits has grown out of a study of Acts 2:42-47

by Methodist minister Andrew Roberts.


This passage from Acts describes how the apostles lived out their discipleship in ten Holy Habits through: Biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer,

giving, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship and making more disciples.


Early last year the Sheffield Methodist Circuit invited churches to explore the 10 habits over a two-year period. At Dore we felt it unfair to make a decision to commit to this until our new Minister, Gail, had joined us in September. Last Autumn it was agreed that we would join the programme in early 2019, and on Sunday 3rd February we launched the programme with the Holy Habit of




Breaking Bread is about community being built around a table. It began in homes; at the last supper and in the Church that Luke describes in Acts chapter 2. Sometimes this may have been as part of a meal, sometimes as part of an early form of Holy Communion service. Sometimes both. On all occasions, the breaking of bread would remind people of Jesus and help them to recognise his presence with them.


Some of our Sunday worship over the next few weeks will pick up this theme, in particular on Sunday March 3rd when we will celebrate Holy Communion and on Easter Sunday April 21st when we break bread together and celebrate the risen Christ.




Gracious God, help us to learn more about these habits

of Christian life so that they form in us the

character of Jesus, establishing the way of

faith, hope and love.

In the breaking of bread unite us as one body;

work in us and with us and through us as we

serve you in our broken world. Amen.