Worship at Home and News

Worship at Home and News.

For all of us life changed in a very short period of time and on 17th March 2020 we received advice that we should close for worship and all the activities in our building should cease. We have developed a number of ways to stay in touch with our members and friends, including providing some worship material that we can all use at home. We issue a weekly news and worship sheet , our "Weekly Update", and these can be accessed from the links below:

16th April 2021


Recent Updates and Worship Material.

5th February 2021.

12th February 2021.

19th February 2021

26th February 2021.

5th March 2021.

12th March 2021.

19th March 2021.

26th March 2021.

Holy Week Thoughts and Readings

2nd April 2021.

9th April 2021